Morning Tea Cookies

After visiting an early childhood center in New Zealand, where we’re living for the next 8 months, I asked Calvin if he’s excited about the presence of LEGOs in the preschool room.

Calvin: “Yes! Very excited.”

Me: “Why might little LEGOs have to stay in the big kids’ room?”

Calvin: “Because little kids and babies might put them in my mouth.”

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Burger by Charlotte

8.5 years old, done in art class

8.5 years old, done in art class

Artist’s statement: The assignment was to make a burger. I wanted it to be different from the other artists’ because everyone else was doing a hamburger or chicken nuggets. So I decided to do a tofu-burger with salad, cheese, ketchup, mustard, and a bun. I am proud of this piece of art because the colors and the why of how I did it–I want to be different.

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Familyship: A new blog about our family’s move to New Zealand

In less than two weeks we are moving to New Zealand for a year’s academic sabbatical. We will be on the South Island for 7 months and on the North Island for about 1 month before returning to the states in spring 2016.

While I plan on maintaining this blog with quotes from the kids, most of the new content will appear on our new family blog: Familyship, another wordpress site. Feel free to check things out over there and follow along if you like!

Summer’s Here

Blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles

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Use Your Noisemaker

Calvin (4.5yo), hand on his throat: “You know we have a noisemaker inside our throats. That makes messages to help us talk.”

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Charlotte (8yo): “I didn’t *throw* it. I dropped it with FORCE.”

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Evelyn (11yo), putting her umbrella down: “The special [gym, music, art] teachers didn’t want me to be Mary Poppins.”

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