Whale Plans

Calvin picked out a book about whales for us to read at bedtime last night. When I read a page about endangered whale species, he interrupted me: “Wait. Why are they in danger?”
Me: “Well, people hunt whales. And boats and fishing nets sometimes trap them or bump into them and hurt or kill them. Also, pollution in the ocean is really bad for animals like whales that live in the water.”
Calvin: “So BAD GUYS still EXIST?! I want to live close to the ocean when I grow up so that I can help clean up the water and the beaches and help the whales.”

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This Kid

Calvin, my youngest, is my pickiest eater. Every day for his lunch I have to pack a serving of dairy; usually that means a mozzarella cheese stick or a yogurt. But one day I was low on dairy options.

Instead I sent in 1.5 ounces of feta cheese. I figured I’d catch an earful at pickup, but the container was empty!
“Cal, did you try the cheese at lunch?”
Cal: “Yes. I tried it. And I ate it all. It was a little bit spicy, but I drank water with it. And I ate it all.”

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Easter Restraint

Calvin (4.5yo): “I want to have a little bit of my big giant bunny after dinner. I won’t have too much cuz that would give me candyache!”

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Pregnancy Prognostications

Charlotte: “I bet one of our aunts is going to have a DOUBLE KID.”

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Me: “Finish getting ready! We are leaving in 5–”
Calvin (4.5yo), yelling: “4, 3, 2, 1!!!”

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Last month James ran his first marathon. Right before we got in the car to go, Charlotte (8yo): “Daddy’s race is like a race I read about called the Grand National. Except that race is run by horses…”

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Indexing Dessert

I asked Calvin (4.5yo) what kind of ice cream he was eating from the UD Creamery. Calvin: “Chocolate, death by”

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