Use Your Noisemaker

Calvin (4.5yo), hand on his throat: “You know we have a noisemaker inside our throats. That makes messages to help us talk.”

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Charlotte (8yo): “I didn’t *throw* it. I dropped it with FORCE.”

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Evelyn (11yo), putting her umbrella down: “The special [gym, music, art] teachers didn’t want me to be Mary Poppins.”

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He’s Got Taste

Calvin (4.5yo), after getting a face wound sprayed down with sterile water to see if the cut required stitches: “Other doctors give a choice of what KIND of water you want, and I *always* pick MINT.”

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Lessons from a Science Fair Project

Evelyn’s “Improvements for next time” section on her science fair project:
“I won’t tip [plant] number one into Mom’s shrimp, or forget to take pictures on day seven. I won’t take a week long break from doing anything science fair related after finishing the experiment.”

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The Scent of a Sibling

Before school Charlotte (8yo) and Calvin (4.5yo) were fighting. I intervened.
Calvin, clutching a car I returned to him, in disgust: “Now it smells like CHARLOTTE.”

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Cinema Noises

Calvin (4.5yo): “What did you and Daddy watch last night?”
Me: “We watched Interstellar, about people trying to find another planet to live on.”
Calvin: “Wow. Well, I heard a lot of loud noises when you were watching it. At first I thought it was thunder… but it just kept goin’.”

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