Chains of Stress

Cleaning out the car, I found a paper chain with each link labelled in Evelyn’s handwriting.

She explains that she made it in guidance class at school. Each link on the chain represents something that she finds stressful.

The links:

My siblings.

My parents leaving on conferences.

Kids I’ve known forever cussing in my face.

Timed tests.

The Science Fair.

Junk food.

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Making a Story Count

As we’re eating dessert, I ask if anyone has a highlight or lowlight from the day to share.
Calvin (4.5): “I HAVE ONE… two, three, four,” counting his jelly beans.

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A deadly green thumb

Evelyn (almost 11) is doing a science fair project in which she waters plants with a lemon juice/water mixture. You must know that, from the time she was a toddler, Evelyn has adored plants. One of her favorite places on earth is Longwood Gardens, she once cooed “look at that adorable little bush!,” and has kept a greenhouse’s worth of plants alive in her bedroom for longer than I’ve ever managed a cactus.
“Evelyn, I am surprised you’re doing an experiment that hurts plants–”
Evelyn: “ME TOO. But I do figure they would wither on the shelves anyway if I didn’t buy them. And my hypothesis is that they won’t die, but just be stunted. I’ll take care of them afterward.”

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Prepositional Because

Char (8): “I am inside on a nice day. Because homework.”

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Off Key

Evelyn (almost 11): “A guy came in to help with band lessons today. He treated us like we were babies, singing everything he said. At one point he said, ‘Okay, when I say blank, you sing this note’ (Ev sings). And I was like, I can’t do that, buddy. That’s why I signed up for an INSTRUMENT and not VOICE lessons.”

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Speaking Sass

The girls had off school one day last week and so they went to a Newark Parks & Rec daycamp. When I arrived to pick them up, a little girl gave me a bit of attitude when I walked in.

Later I asked Evelyn and Charlotte about her and how she spoke to me.
Evelyn: “Oh, yeah. When I first heard her speaking I thought she might have a speech impediment. But then I realized no, she’s just sassy.”

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Presidential Builders

Calvin: “I don’t have too many more ABRAHAM LINCOLN LOGS to go! But I’m leaving out the houses. And the CANNONS.” (cleaning up Lincoln Logs)

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