(Hopefully) Simplifying

So our family website has been down since the beginning fo this month (possibly even before that?!) because Yahoo wants to charge me $38 to own the domain name “theatlasfamily.com.” It’s only $9 the first year. That’s quite a hike.

I don’t want to pay it, so I’m not going to. I forfeit the domain name. Some other stay-at-home-mom with the last name Atlas can use it to her heart’s content.

I figured the easiest (and fastest) way to get something back up online with recent photos and news about the girls would be to start an online blog. It should be simpler than the whole web page software editors that I’ve used in the past. Also, I can update from anywhere more easily, and you’ll be able to search by “tags” and keywords. Another bonus: comments!

My goal is to update each Sunday night, if not more often than that.


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