Flu season?

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in northern Delaware. If today was attempting to win my “Most Beautiful Day of the Year” award, it doesn’t need to worry anymore. I crown it triumphantly.

However, the family health department is another subject. Evelyn woke up several times last night crying about having a headache, and then this morning, she had a fever and refused to get up.

I cancelled her playdate with Sylvia and called her school to say she wouldn’t be there (we were responsible for snack, so I wanted to give the teachers notice to make other plans). Bummer.

Both girls napped this morning, and then I took Charlotte to a park to get her out of the house to enjoy the day (James graciously worked from home today, so he stayed with Evelyn). Charlotte rode on the swings, played on the see-saw with Ella and William and ran around enjoying herself.

I took Evelyn to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon (it being Friday afternoon, I decided it would be best to have her checked out before the weekend started and the doctor wouldn’t be available til Monday). While there, she threw up the entire contents of her stomach. Most of it made it into the sink, though we didn’t manage to get all of it there.

The doctor determined that she has what James has had this last week–a viral infection that he said has been going around–so we’re taking it easy and letting her drink fluids and eat popsicles. She’s refusing medicine, which is fine as long as her fever stays below 104, said Dr. Walker.

We’ve cancelled plans for soccer tomorrow morning and a dinner party with friends tomorrow night.

In other news, James is feeling much better, we are so excited about the cooler weather and open windows and I’m planning to run in a 5K at the end of October.

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