On Janel’s desk

I’m taking October off from writing and editing, so I’m working to wrap up a few assignments before then. Here’s what’s on my desk:

-the Cord blood banking debate (Babyzone.com)

-cord blood explanation: what happens when you need to retreive the cord blood (Babyzone.com)

-belly dancing as fitness (Bellezza Magazine)

-Kevin Fleming’s new book about DE (Delmarva Quarterly)

Two of my articles just came out in Crossroads. You can read them here:

Costumes A to Z

Carlisle’s Marine

More stories are awaiting publication, and I’ll post those when they come out.


One comment

  1. Bravo on your two most recent Crossroads articles! You are truly talented. Heard all about new Fleming book – I might get it for my Dad for Christmas… neat stuff!


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