The incoherent cries of a sick child

So, Evelyn, Charlotte and I are sick. Again.

This time, however, it’s not the flu. It’s a nasty head cold, complete with major congestion, coughing, sneezing, tickly throats, fever, and headaches.

Don’t you wish you could be here at our house?!

I just got back to my desk from trying to calm Evelyn down. She fell asleep at about 7:30, but woke up 20 minutes ago crying. Incoherently. She’s completely irrational when she’s sick (pushing away buckets when she’s about to throw up, refusing medicine…). It’s like playing 20 questions, but the answer is always no. So you’re no closer to an answer at the end of the game than at the beginning.

“Would you like a cup of water?’


“I can get you some medicine. Would that help?”


“I think some medicine would help. You feel like you have a fever.”

“Noooo,” she cries.

“Are you too warm? We could change your pajamas?”


At this point, I practically want to strangle her. Thankfully, I make this urge pass by summoning up compassion for her pain. Which I myself am experiencing, but at least I am rational enough to know what I need (sleep! medicine! tea!).

May this pass quickly.

For those who are wondering, I finally started keeping track of how many days any one member of our family in this house are sick. Over the course of the coming year (September 2008 to August 2009), I am simply highlighting any date that someone is ill.

So far, there’s an awful lot of yellow on the calendar, and we’re only one month in.


One comment

  1. The humor makes me smile… but it doesn’t remove the ache in my heart, knowing you were afflicted once again! Wishing it were possible to send virtual chicken soup….
    Love, G’ma H.


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