Charlotte is very into bathrooms right now. And not just the bathtub.

Every time I turn around, she is in one of our bathrooms, on her tiptoes or on a stepping stool. “Charlotte, where are you?” I call.

Her little voice pipes up, “I’m here in the bathroom, washing my hands, Mama!” When I tell her to stop and turn off the water, she grasps the medicine cabinet saying, “I needa brush my teeth.” And then it’s on to “I needa brush my hair, Mama.”

As soon as she’s finished brushing her hair, she wants to wash her hands again.

Have you ever read, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?” That’s kind of what it’s like.

She’s also started asking what *I’m* up to. Today I put her in her car seat and then ran back to lock the front door of our house. When I opened my car door to get in, she squeaked, “What were YOU doing, Mama?!”

She wakes up angry at the world, and is quite fussy when she’s tired, but the rest of the day, Charlotte is a delight.  She’s affectionate, talkative and friendly.

She also throws about 3 or 4 temper trantrums a day. Just goes absolutely limp, thrashing around on the floor crying and saying no. Objections to changing her diaper are also raised with some regularity. I keep saying that she has control over whether she has to have her diaper changed…

Flashback photo:


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