I need to work on problem solving

On a cold, cold morning, December 23rd, we parked our van and walked into Colonial Williamsburg. It was surprisingly quiet, for being the Christmas season, although the crowds picked up as the day grew warmer.

Almost as soon as we got there, we heard the jingling of bells. Sleigh bells!

As we were approaching Santa, Charlotte whispered hopefully, “Santa is going to bring me some ChapStick!”

I’m sure my dad is proud! 🙂

Needless to say, I made sure that each little girl has a lip balm in her stocking for Christmas morning…

They were excited to see some horses grazing:

Being there in Williamsburg brought back many happy memories of being there with my family when my siblings and I were kids. And of course, one (or more) of us was usually tired/hungry/bitter/irritated/annoyed about the day.

I thought of this as Evelyn griped her way around the town. She complained about everything: the sun being in her eyes, her mittens not wanting to stay on her hands, her legs being too tired…

Mostly, however, she complained about being hungry and cold. And believe me, it was cold. But not THAT cold.

James and Evelyn had fallen a few yards behind me (I was pushing Charlotte in the stroller at this point) and I heard Evelyn’s voice and then James bust out laughing. I asked what had happened, and when he had caught his breath, he told me.

Evelyn said, “Your parents should have done a better job teaching you how to solve problems so that my feet wouldn’t be cold and I wouldn’t be hungry.”


We are still laughing about this. We talk to her all the time about looking for ways to solve problems and conquer challenges.

Anyway, we had (surprisingly reasonably-priced) sandwiches at a Tavern right downtown. The kids behaved well, but we could tell that, as soon as we paid the bill, it was time to go home for naps.

We had a wonderful time. I think it was the most relaxing family vacation we have taken. James and I were much better prepared for the many pitfalls that litter the path of traveling with kids. I have no doubt that we made some great memories together.

Evelyn cried as we were leaving. “I’m just so sad that our time here is over. I don’t want to leave!”

It only helped a little bit when we told her that Santa wouldn’t be able to find us if we weren’t home, where he was bringing our gifts! 🙂


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  1. What a treat! I finally remembered to ask (through the hubby-communication-line) what ever happened to the Atlas blog… and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the last four months of Atlas news and pictures! How fun 🙂


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