Zurich, Part I: Winterthur

The overnight flight from Philadelphia to Zurich landed right on time, and James and I found each other without any trouble. The airport was clean and efficient, with most signs including international symbols (Money, Bathroom, Lockers, Taxis, Trains, etc.). 

We grabbed a bite to eat and then put our luggage into a locker (8 Swiss Francs–Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, though most places accepted Euros). We caught a train to Winterthur, a town about 10 minutes north of the airport. 

I had an assignment from Signature Brandywine magazine to write a piece showing the connection between Winterthur, Delaware, and Winterthur, Switzerland, so I had notebook in hand as we toured the city. 

The historic cobblestone streets were picturesque, and we quickly learned that, as in America, sitting at an outdoor cafe on a beautiful street comes with a hefty price tag!

We were pleasantly surprised by the weather; rain was in the forecast, but it couldn’t have been sunnier or more beautiful. There were a few high puffy clouds in the sky, and everyone was out enjoying the gorgeous weather.

After visiting three art museums (Winterthur is known as the “City of Museums”), we took the train back to the airport (“flughafen”) and then on to Zurich city. We checked in to our hotel and took a nap before going back out for dinner at a neat little Indian restaurant.


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