This morning, James and I did some work around the house and yard. And for the umpteenth time, we included the kids.

Now, there have been times where with one limited task, Evelyn has helped out. Charlotte, not so much.

But this morning was really different! I realized that they both enjoy repetitive motions that show immediate results. So I put that to work by giving them each rags that I got damp with warm water and a little bit of dish soap. I set them up on the stairs and showed them how to clean each of the stair hand rails, which were astonishingly dirty and sticky.

It’s the first time I’ve *ever* included them in a chore that turned out to be faster than if I had just gone ahead and done the whole job myself. Which is really exciting!

Then, we cleaned up the backporch together and did two loads of laundry, which they enjoyed because I invited them to come down to the (scary, dark and musty) basement, and put the dirty clothes in the washer.

Oodles of fun.

When we finished our list, Evelyn said, “I wish I could do those chores again!”

Oh, you can, little Evelyn. We can make that dream come true…

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