Back from Bean Town

We made a quick visit to Don and Amy’s this weekend. And I do mean quick. It was very fun to see them and their (lovely) apartment in northern Mass.

On Saturday we took the train in to the city. I hadn’t been since I was in high school, and James hadn’t been for a while either. It was nice to be escorted around by Don and Amy. The weather was warm and people were out enjoying the beautiful day.

It was about *here* that Evelyn started saying she was hot and tired and thirsty. Ah, the days of actually getting to see things without whining.

We got to see the Swan Pond from “Make Way for Ducklings,” complete with larger than life statues of the Mother Duck and her babies.

(Yes, that is James holding a HOT DD coffee… what in the world!? Don, Amy and I went the smart route and got iced.)

Faneuil Hall circa 1776 (Wiki)
Faneuil Hall circa 1776 (Wiki)

We made a loop back up to Faneuil Hall (pronounced Faniel, rhymes with Daniel… who knew.) and grabbed food in Quincy Market. The Market was bustling with people getting their lunch on.

We ate on the steps nearby. James and I had Japanese, Don noshed on fresh fruit, Amy had clam chowda, and the kids had burgers. Smoothies all around. Yum.

The hosts!
The hosts!

A look back at Faneuil:

Then, because little Libby (Don and Amy’s new little puppy) needed to be let out of her crate and because our little girls were needing a rest, we got back on the train and headed back to the Humptons’.

Our final look at (the ugliest City Hall building we’ve ever seen) Boston’s Government Center:

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