Goodbye, Summer

Char on the carousel at the FunLand in Rehoboth. One last fling before fall schedules pick up.

The girls wanted to ride the Paratrooper ferris wheel, which goes pretty fast, first forward, then backward. I sat with Charlotte, and she smiled kind of tensely the first time around.

“I’m a little bit scared.”

“I’m getting MORE scared.”

“Okay, we can STOP it now!”

However, the next day when we returned for one last ride, Charlotte and Evelyn both chose to go another round on the Paratrooper. The views were pretty fantastic:

We also played skee-ball. Evelyn, thankfully, avoided major damage to the skee-ball ramp and surrounding players. Barely.

Evelyn was in heaven with her blue cotton candy.

And Charlotte, never to be outdone, enjoyed a custard:

On the first full day we were there, the temps were in the low 80s and sunny. Perfect beach weather!

The huge beach umbrella rental was well worth it.

It was a quick trip, but a fun one. Now it’s time to dig in for the fall! First day of school for Evelyn is August 31. Check back for pics soon.


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