The Atlas Health Survey

The results from an extensive, year-long study are finally ready to be published. Funded by the NIH*, the head research scientist, Janel Atlas, recorded the state of the Atlas family’s health, including

  • James S. Atlas – 30 y.o. male
  • Janel C. Atlas – 27 y.o. female
  • Evelyn R. Atlas – 5 y.o. female
  • Charlotte Z. Atlas – 2.5 y.o. female

The method was simple: any day that any one (or more) of the Atlas family members were ill (including with fever, earache, severe headache, vomiting, and other symptoms) enough to cancel engagements such as school, fitness routines, and social activities, Atlas marked a calendar.

Here are the results, starting in September 2008 and running through August 2009:

Sept. 08: 9 sick days

Oct. 08: 2 sick days

Nov. 08: 2 sick days

Dec. 08: 4 sick days (including the day of Charlotte’s 2nd birthday party, when Evelyn vomitted an hour before guests were to arrive)

Jan. 09: 7 sick days

Feb. 09: 5 sick days

Mar. 09: 4 sick days

Ap. 09: 2 sick days


June 09: 3 sick days

July 09: NO SICK DAYS!

Aug. 09: 1 sick day

Results added up: 39 sick days

Worst months: September and January

Best months: May and July

The lead researcher plans to submit a grant application for something less mundane this coming year. Thank you for your attention.

(*This study was not actually funded by the NIH, nor does the Institute have any particular interest in the health of the Atlas family.)


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