Keeping it tidy

Well, we put our house on the market on Tuesday, the first day of fall. James and I feel really proud of how much work we’d taken care of in the last few months, getting the house ready to sell. Our real estate agent was impressed, too 🙂

On Wednesday, we had three showings. Thursday, two. Friday, one, Saturday, two. Sunday, one. Though we don’t have any offers/bids yet, we’ve gotten pretty good feedback from the buyers’ agents so far about the condition of the house, the price, and how it shows. We’re just hoping that someone steps forward soon to make an offer. Because we have a wonderful house under contract–we just have to have a contract with a buyer on ours by Halloween (oooh! spooky!).

So the big adventure, besides bundling up the kids to get them out of the house anytime we get a call that someone’s coming to see the place (at nap time! at meal time! at bed time!), is keeping the house in pristine condition. As I told my mom earlier this week, it’s so much easier to *keep* a house clean than *get* a house clean. (She’s known this for years, by the way!)

I’ve figured out some tricks, but for the most part it’s just keeping up as we go along, and making sure that, whenever we leave the house, it’s ready in case an agent should bring a potential buyer through.

Let’s hope this doesn’t drag out for months…


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