Longwood Gardens

After one snowstorm and the day another was scheduled to arrive, my friends and I decided to go up to Longwood Gardens with our kids. It looked like the rest of the week we would all be isolated and snowbound, so a day trip somewhere spring-like was just what the doctor ordered.

First, we walked around outside, letting the kids get energy out.

The new children’s area (both indoors and out) was wonderful.

When we got inside the Conservatory, Evelyn’s response was priceless:

“Wow! It’s too pretty in here to be real!”

And there is something really strange and beautiful about being surrounded by fragrant flowers when the ground outside is covered in snow.

“I wanted to take the water out,” says Charlotte.

All of the things in the children’s garden were functional as well as beautiful. Fountains were a favorite with all the kids:

“Was the dragon scary,” I ask Charlotte. “No, I loved it.”

“It had blue and green and all on it.”


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