Deja vu

I swear my parents have photos of Lauren and I, with two neighborhood friends in Annapolis, dressed up in a similar manner:

Evelyn came to me, saying she wanted to pretend to be Egyptians. So we looked online, got some information about Egyptian art, learned about the pyramids, found out what we *really* know about Queen Nefertiti and Queen Cleopatra, and listened to authentic contemporary Egyptian music.

Then the girls got dressed in these authentic (ahem) Egyptian costumes, using fabrics from my fabric chest.

I’ll admit it–I felt pretty proud for having taken Evelyn’s cues on something she’s interested in and pursuing the questions using online resources. It was a great way for us to explore something together, and with wonderful resources on the Internet, it couldn’t have been easier.

My pride lasted until James got home from work. When I prompted Evelyn to tell Daddy what we had learned about this afternoon, she was silent. Then burst out confidently, “Indians!”



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