First day of First Grade

Evelyn’s first day of first grade was today, and she woke up bright and early to get ready. She had laid out her clothes the night before and knew what she needed to do to get out the door on time.

At 7:45, we headed out for the lovely 1/2 mile walk to Downes Elementary School. Unfortunately, it felt like anything but fall–it was about 88 degrees and quite humid. We didn’t let that slow us up, though.

“I liked the first day of school. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Reighart, and she is very nice. I picked the healthiest thing they had for lunch: pizza, peaches, and milk. We had gym in the afternoon; we played magical hoops. The only time I got in a little bit of trouble is when I didn’t get in my seat right away. I learned fast that the teacher is firmer in first grade than in kindergarten.”

One comment

  1. What a beautiful girl, heading off to first grade! What an important year, and how appropriate were your observations about the seriousness of it all!


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