Charlotte, after falling off of her lunch stool: “Preferably I didn’t break one of my ankles.”


Charlotte, eating lunch: “MOM! My tongue discovered the blueberries and raisins by removing the yogurt from them!”


Evelyn: “I had tacos for lunch at school.”
Me: “Yeah? Were they as good as mine? It’s okay if they were.”
Evelyn: “No, it wasn’t. First, it was cold. Second, it was on a whole wheat tortilla. Third, the chicken was burned.”


I just pulled a 13 lb turkey out of the oven, and Charlotte greeted it with a cheer: “Mommy! You must have SHOT that turkey! Which end was the head?”


Listening to a Rufus Wainwright CD in the car, Charlotte exclaims, “MOM! Rufus and GOOFUS rhyme!”




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