Latest quotes roundup

‎”Evelyn, what do you think of your steak?”
“It’s really good and juicy, not dried out like other steaks.”


Charlotte: “Evelyn, have you heard of BLUE grapes?”
Evelyn: “Yeah.”
Charlotte, holding a green grape: “These are even better! They’re silver grapes.”
Evelyn: “There are such thing as orange grapes. Just kidding, they would be oranges. Get the trick?”


Evelyn’s card for James’ birthday, written entirely without help: “It’s the birth day boy!” (cover, with a computer with a birthday hat on it). Happy Birthday Dear James! Your presents are wating too you know, because it’s your special day! Love, Evelyn (inside)

Can I tell you how proud I am that she used the correct “It’s” (twice!), “your,” and “too”?!?!?


I found this on the floor in Charlotte’s room this morning when I was helping her clean.

A Quiz (with questions in Evelyn’s print and answers in Charlotte’s)

Who says Da, Da, Blah all the time?



Who invented the Bed-O-Nator?



Who cracks your toes?



Who do you get in the bath with?


(When I asked them to define bed-o-nator, Evelyn responded, “Daddy’s tool to send us to bed. It gets powered by what we do wrong.”)


Evelyn, on our hour at the pool tonight: “I must admit, I spent most of the time staring at a raft, wanting to use it.”


Evelyn’s take on the earthquake: “I watched the shower shake!”


Charlotte: “Whose birthday is it tomorrow?”
Evelyn: “Probably 11 people’s birthday tomorrow.”
Me: “Well, there are billions of people in the world and only 365 days a year, so a lot of people’s birthday is tomorrow.”
Silence. Evelyn: “I can’t imagine more than 11 people celebrating their birthday in one day.”
Charlotte: “Maybe in China.”


Evelyn: “I remember a restaurant called Mayonnaise.”
Me: “Really? Where was it?”
Evelyn: “On the same block as the Rita’s. It only sold things with mayonnaise in them. We went there one time.”


Me: “We have to make some kind of pie for Daddy for his birthday tomorrow. What kind of pie should we make?”
Charlotte, whispering: “Potato!”


James, coming in from taking the trash out to the curb: “All I see is Charlotte jumping on her bed.”


Me: “I’m putting your leftover sandwich in the fridge for when you’re hungry.”
Charlotte: “Never goin’ to be hungry!”


I slip into some sparkly green embellished flipflops. Charlotte: “I love those sandals. You should go to China in them. Or Ireland.”


Charlotte: “I want to hang this painting in Calvin’s room.”
Me: “That’s not really a very good painting. It doesn’t look like it’s finished.”
Charlotte: “That’s because it’s abstract. Abstract art doesn’t look like anything.”


Evelyn: “Charlotte, stop scratching the furniture!!”
Charlotte: “Furniture doesn’t have FEELings.”




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