Project Simplify 2012!

As I posted before, I am joining with Simple Mom to do some decluttering around the house. I frequently find myself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of *stuff* we accumulate, even though I am almost always getting rid of things.

This week kicks of Project Simplify 2012, with a focus on the kids’ stuff. I recently did a purge of Calvin and Charlotte’s clothing, but I didn’t completely finalize the decisions, and there are a few piles still laying around awaiting my attention.

I will post before and after pictures later this week, so check back in to (hopefully) be amazed, hold me accountable to my commitment to carry through, and offer encouragement. We’ve got a very busy week–one of my best friends, Denice, is moving away and there are a variety of fun one-last-time-all-together events (breakfast, book club, pedicures, exercise walks, and a going away party–what what!), so I may have a hard time squeezing in decluttering.

But posting about this here will keep me honest, I hope.

If you join in on the fun, link up to Simple Mom’s blog and let me know too so I can check out your pictures. See you soon!


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