A visit with Lauren

The kids and I went down to visit my sister this weekend. She lives near D.C. with her husband and their son, Mitchell.

It was so fun to see Lauren and her baby and to hang out for a couple of days. A couple highlights:

  • walking/biking to a community yard sale on Saturday morning (cue “please Mom, can I buy this?”)
  • great times at parks right in her neighborhood (“push me HIGHER”)
  • ice cream sundaes (“what’s magic shell?”)
  • seeing space ship Discovery at the National Air and Space Museum (near Dulles Airport, not the one in downtown D.C.)
  • delicious food around a bustling table with four (FOUR?!) children.
Outside of the National Air and Space Museum.
Just one week after its arrival, space shuttle Discovery hangs out in the hangar. And it is HUGE.
Evelyn and Calvin take a short rest together.
Aunt Lauren and the girls are stoked about making sundaes together.
Calvin (18 months) and Mitchell (~5 months) hang out on the floor together.

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