This summer, I have the girls helping with one dinner per week (in addition to regular chores and helping out with dishes/setting the table/loading and unloading the dishwasher). Last night we had pesto shrimp, couscous, and steamed broccoli for dinner. It was Charlotte’s choice and she helped me thread the shrimp on the skewers. Evelyn set the table beautifully, and while at the grocery store, she cheered, “I find that I enjoy food more when I have helped pick it out and prepare it.” Mission accomplished.


Charlotte just lost her first tooth! The morning after, she claimed to have seen the tooth fairy. “She had a bluish-greenish dress, and big beautiful wings. Her dress also had little tiny spots of blood on it from the teeth that still had some bleeding.”


For the first time in 8+ years of parenting: police officer pulls up in front of our house in a cruiser. “Someone here called 9-1-1. Is everything okay?” I had just taken the phone away from Calvin; he had been playing with it for less than 10 minutes while I vacuumed. And no, we don’t have an emergency speed dial button.


Overheard in the backyard, where the girls are catching fireflies. Rustling sounds, Char, excitedly: “Look, EV! They’re all lighting UP!” Evelyn, interrupting: “That’s because you’re scaring them.” Char: “WHAT? I’m shaking them too hard?!”

Also overheard in the backyard: Char: “AHhhhh! I caught one in my mouth! I caught a firefly in my mouth, Evelyn, LOOOOOK!!!”


“Okay, girls. Get your swimsuits on. We’re going to the pool.” Char: “Awww! I want to play.” Me, surprised: “You’ve had all day to play.” Char: “No, most of today I was eating breakfast!”


Evelyn: “Guess what the first thing Calvin did when he came into my room? He dumped Charlotte’s pink hamper all over my bed. With me in it.” (note: this occurred at 5 a.m.)



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