October 2012 quotes

Evelyn, doing estimation math: “I am tired of playing with the reasonablenesses. They are UN-reasonableness. First you’re thinking, ‘hey, I could do this every day!’ But then you’re like, ‘No, that wouldn’t be fun at all.'”


Evelyn is standing with her back to me. “Listen to this,” she says, and then proceeds to play a short song on her recorder. Me: “Okay.” Ev: “Isn’t that funny?” Me: “No. Why is it funny?” Ev: “Because I played it with my nose.”


This morning Charlotte keeps telling Calvin to “mooch” (a combination of scootch and move, I presume).


Charlotte: “Why can’t you marry cousins?” I explain in general terms. “Plus, who would you want to marry who is your cousin?” Charlotte: “You know, the cute little baby one? Zach. I’d like to marry him.”


Calvin is obsessed with the moon these days. Tonight, looking at the crescent moon he pointed at the car then the moon. “I go moon. In our car.”


Go into the den to find Evelyn and Charlotte continuing leaf identification on the archaic desktop computer there. I’m surprised because I know I shut it down last night. Evelyn: “Well, I wanted to continue finding names for my leaves, and I figured, if I wanted to find something out, I should use Google.”


Girls are looking at the Christmas American Girl Dolls catalog. Me: “I wonder why all of the pet dogs’ names are food words.” Evelyn: “Yeah. Meatloaf, Coconut, Honey, Liquor…” Char: “Ish.”


Evelyn eating a slice of (real) bacon: “This it totally spoiling turkey bacon for me.”


Calvin is sobbing and repeatedly pleading with me, “Our car, MOON. Our car, Moon,” pointing at the sky.


Cal and I met James for coffee at Dunkin Donuts between his classes. Walking in, I ask Calvin what kind of donut he wants. Cal: “Icing.”


10/22: Note sent home with Charlotte from the school nurse: “1:30 p.m. Charlotte came to the office complaining of a splinter. washed hands–so small–applied bac. ointment and B.A. (didn’t really see a splinter). Will observe.”


Evelyn, when I ask her how her school picture turned out: “My hair is pluffy and my smile is too big.”


We were “ghosted” last night by some friends. You know who you are. Charlotte loved it for a minute but then got scared. This morning, I found this note on the paper the “ghost” had left behind: “I am scarde a lot. Charlotte”


The opening to a scary story Evelyn wrote for school:

Most spooky stories have werewolves, zombies, ogres, skeletons, and happen in haunted mansions, graveyards, and attics.

Mine doesn’t. It happens in my house during a storm.

Oh, but it has souls, phantoms, vampires that turn into bates, fangs, and lots of pizza.

My friends play a role in my story too. Now I will tell my horrorful story to you. Be SCARED!



I asked the girls to pick a time period they would have liked to live in. Char: “The 1600s. Wait, a hundred years ago. Because it would be interesting to see how times have changed.” Evelyn: “No.” Me: “What do you mean, no?” Evelyn: “I would not want to live another time.” Me: “Okay, what if you were guaranteed to be rich, like a queen?” Evelyn: “No. Because even if you had a lot of money, the sicknesses without good health care would ruin it.”


Charlotte has a long memory for such a young consumer. Watching football, a commercial for Best Buy came on. “We bought a toaster there, and it was AWFUL.”


At this very moment, Calvin is sitting on the kitchen floor throwing a plastic figurine of Mrs. Claus across the room, chasing her down with a CAT truck, and saying “CRASH” while rolling the aforementioned construction vehicle over the unsuspecting Mrs. Claus.


Charlotte’s story, titled “Little Mouse’s Woods”:

Once upon a time there was a mouse.

It was a smoggy place in the woods.

One day, the factory was torn down. They weren’t making enough money.

(the illustration shows a smog-free forest landscape with a happy little mouse saying, “skweek.”)


Calvin demonstrated his egg-cracking abilities to a wider audience today: the customers at Target. Cal’s target: the $120 worth of items in my shopping cart.


Evelyn is Maid Marion from Robin Hood, Charlotte is a ghost witch, and Calvin is Batman.


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