Early March Quotes

Calvin is making his two giraffe figures talk. Giraffe 1: “Uh oh, ghost is coming.” Giraffe 2: “Okay, walk away!”


Calvin, talking to Charlotte (who arrived late at the breakfast table): “CHAR-lit, you want muffin, TOO? Then eat breakfast in mouth.”


Charlotte’s teacher had each child pull an actor noun, verb, and a place noun and then asked the children to write a short story using them. Here’s Charlotte’s: “The King draws in the hole and was Never seen agin and fell down and NEVER stoped going down.”


Here is the tenor of conversations with Calvin (now almost 2 1/2 years old) on many days: “How is your hot dog, Calvin?” “NO!” I smile at him. He rams his head into my thigh, then starts fiddling with the trash can. “Don’t play with the trash can.” He grunts at me and starts crying. “Let’s sit back down for lunch.” “I want lunch.” “You have lunch, honey. It’s at the table. I was just heating up my lunch.” He bursts into tears.


Charlotte, cooing as she does a US puzzle: “Awww, look at how cute New Jersey is!” Evelyn: “Wait till you get to Rhode Island!”


Calvin to Charlotte: “CharLITT. Go on. Go on. Go on and eat soup in mouth.”


I discover Charlotte’s months-long cushioned bed where she keeps “hibernating” stink bugs. I surreptitiously throw all five bug carcasses away, and then tell her I heard stink bugs are coming out of hibernation and returning to nature. She is delighted to discover hers missing.


Char to Cal: “I could scoop you up like a scoop of ice cream. Because you are just so sweet.”


Calvin as I rock him for bed: pointing at his head, “Head. Calvin’s head. Has egg in it, egg has baby in it. In head.”


Dressing up!
Calvin in the laundry basket.



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