More quotes!

Char and Calvin are playing animals. Char: “This room,” gesturing to the den, “is Horse Household. Upstairs in your room is Gorilla’s Gorge. I wish this was Elephant’s Entrance. But Tiger’s Trench is our bedroom.”


Evelyn’s summer writing project: a novel titled _Five and a Half Magical Things_. I, for one, cannot wait to read it.


Evelyn: “How do really awful people who are in charge get to be in charge? Is it their inheritence or something?”


Near the end of the school year, Evelyn: “Mrs. Miller is shutting down her bookshelves. So I am trying to hurry to get to as many books as I can…”


“Calvin, what do you want to do when you grow up? Like, what kind of job are you going to have?” 
Cal: “I play cars. I watch Cars movie.”
Me: “No, I mean for work. Are you going to work with cars?”
Cal: “HGGGHMMMM.” (angry noise) “No, I just going PLAY cars.”


Ev: “Once a long time ago, you put broccoli in red sauce on my plate. And after everyone had left the table, I dipped each piece of broccoli in my water to rinse the red sauce off.” 
Char: “Yeah, and then your water was pinkish-red.”


Out running errands, Calvin doesn’t want to leave his book in the car. I reassure him it will be fine. “No! Someone gon’ take it.” I lock the car and he looks relieved.


It is almost impossible to deny Calvin when he asks, “We read ONE more book, Mommy. One more book.”


We enjoyed romaine salad grown by Evelyn  with our MYO pizza. When we finished and were clearing the table, I thanked Evelyn. “You’re welcome. I think it tasted better than lettuce from the store. It was less… chemically. Regular salad from the store can be *brutal*.”


ImageLongwood Gardens




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