End of Summer Quotes

I told Charlotte how much I appreciated how kind she was to Calvin today, how good it made my heart feel to see and hear her being so loving to him.

Charlotte, smiling: “Yes. I really, really love him. I used to say, ‘No, I don’t want a little brother.’ But now, I kind of wish we had even MORE Calvins in our family. Because I love him so much.”


Charlotte: “My ear hurts. Normally I don’t hear anything when I do this” (covering both ears) “but now I can hear a muffled trumpet sound.”


I showed the kids the Desolation of Smaug Hobbit trailer. Charlotte: “Is that a real dragon at the end, or a fake one? Maybe it’s fake but someone is pulling it with a string…”

Charlotte, talking to Evelyn: “Can you IMAGINE the world without salt, milk, and butter?”


Sad truth Calvin just realized. He spies a pack of Twizzlers on the counter and asks to have some. I say no, they’re for later.

Cal: “Yes. For later, when I’m sleeping.”


Calvin, calling: “Daddy! Where are you? I’m wearing your shirt!”


Charlotte: “You know the saying about one person actually being two people inside?”
Me: “No. I don’t.”
Charlotte: “Like, how one day I like eggs, and the next I don’t. Or sometimes I want to play with hamsters, but other days I want to play with worms.”


Walking home from taking the girls to school this morning, Calvin told me a delightful, detailed story about a crab he saw on the sidewalk. It had had a lot of water to drink, and the water had fish in it, and so it was waterlogged. The crab was just sitting there waiting until his stomach was empty to be able to have room to eat the CRABapples on the sidewalk.
Char: “My cold feels better this morning,” sniffling. “See? I can breathe through my nose.”
Cal: “Me too! I can see through my nose!”
Calvin, lying on the ground with his legs up in the air: “I have loooooong knees.”Image

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