More Quotes!

Evelyn: “Here’s how you can tell my teacher is funny! We have a girl in our class who speaks Arabic, and only Arabic. So my teacher ran all over the school looking for someone who can speak Arabic to help. And it turns out… there’s another kid in my class who can speak Arabic. And Mrs. [her name] said, ‘You little nut! Why didn’t you tell me?!'”


Calvin eating his homemade cinnamon roll, intermitently stops and says, “They ARE good for me! They ARE!”


I got home from a morning run to find Charlotte and Calvin peering out the window looking for me. When I scooped Calvin up in a hug, he squealed, “NO! You’re all wet, Mommy. You don’t be huggings me!”


8:20pm, after I thought James had already put Calvin to bed, I’m in the kitchen. Calvin, popping around the pantry door: “Here I am ‘GAIN!”


Calvin's first day of preschool!
Calvin’s first day of preschool!

Me: “Let’s go let the sisters know that it’s time for meet the teacher night at school!”
Calvin: “NO! I don’t want sisters to go to school.”
Me: “Why not?”
Calvin: “Because otherwise they not be here!”


Charlotte discovered that a cube puzzle with a different animal on each side has a butterfly hidden on each scene. Char: “I don’t know if the lamb side has one, though.” Me: “Oh, I bet it does. Otherwise the lamb would feel left out.” Charlotte, flatly: “You know cut up wood doesn’t have *feelings*.”


Evelyn had just closed the last Harry Potter book. When I asked what she thought, she answered, “It was REALLY good. I wonder what happened in the 19 years before the part at the end.”



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