Mid-September Quotes

Leaving preschool, Calvin got down on his hands and knees and started licking the tile floor. I pulled him up by his hand: “No! Don’t lick the floor! Why are you doing that?”

Calvin: “Because I had pieces of carrot on my tongue and I wanted to get dem off.”


Calvin, at bedtime: “Mommy, can I have another *heavy* book in my crib to read?”


Charlotte, on the way to the pool: “Remember that wonderful day when they cancelled adult swim?”


Calvin: “I had fun at Milburn’s today. I liked the car and the bus and the airplane playground.”
Me, tucking him in: “Yes, that was fun. We will have to go back again sometime soon.”
Calvin: “Yes. We can go ‘gain after I sleep and after breakfast…”


Charlotte: “I had *art* today! We worked on painting self portraits.”
Me: “Oh, cool! Did you draw something out first or just start painting?”
Charlotte: “We just started painting.”
Evelyn: “That sounds reckless.”
James: “Was it fingerpaint?”
Charlotte: “Yes. But we didn’t use our fingers; we used paintbrushes.”


Charlotte was in a snit this morning because I wouldn’t let her play trains with Calvin until she was completely packed and ready for school. Stomping upstairs to get dressed, she says to Evelyn, “I was having a perfectly FINE morning until Mom came downstairs.”



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