From the mouths of the younger Atlases

Sunday morning art with kids: Calvin using watercolors: “Look! It’s a dog scaring a cat with no head. And a hedgehog.”


Charlotte: “It’s every man for himself!”

Evelyn: “You’re sexist, Charlotte.”


“My recess problems are over. My friend and I started a comic club.” -Evelyn


Calvin: “When I’m a daddy, I want to have twins. Their names will be Chickamina–the girl–and my son will be Calvin.”


Evelyn is playing Star Wars song on recorder. Calvin: “That’s too loud. It hurts my ears.”


Evelyn: “I like having plans. It makes it easy to get through the day.”


Cal spies me putting on makeup: “Mommy, you getting married today?”

“No, I’m already married. To Daddy.”

Cal: “So, you marrying him again today?”


Talking about food webs with kids. “Can you think of an animal with hardly any predators?” Charlotte: “Sharks.” Evelyn: “Whales.” “And humans,” I ask?

Evelyn: “Nah. Mosquitos eat us, which pretty much means we’re on the bottom of the food chain.”


An 8 year old friend of the girls came over for a playdate: “If you have too much salt, it’ll kill you.”

Evelyn: “NO. It’ll just give you more than your daily dose of iodine.”


Charlotte: “We had a lesson about being yourself. But then I got in trouble for being myself.”

Evelyn, bursting into tears: “That happens ALL the time.”


Charlotte: “Now I feel better. Because someone famous was a middle child. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We’re just. the. same.”

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