For homework, Evelyn’s assignment was to use the week’s vocabulary words in meaningful sentences. She decided to write a story instead of disconnected sentences. Here’s her work:


I watched the bond between my wife and my daughter grows strong, reliable, and safe. After all I have suffered for her and given up, I don’t get to share the reward. I feel like an intruding eavesdropper on a private conversation while Lyla puts Anna to bed. Anna is Lyla’s constant companion and friend. In her enclosed safety carrier with toys hanging from the pull out stroller top Anna babbles happily to Lyla about who knows what when they go for a mother/daughter walk and Lyla makes it clear I’m not going. The two are now quite inseparable and if Anna is apart from Lyla for a second, she begins a never-ending earsplitting scream. Once on a last minute bathroom trip Lyla charged up the stairs without Anna, who was in her safety seat, leaving her to cry while Lyla raced to the toilet. Anna didn’t want me.

The chief things Lyla makes most important about being Dad is my staying out of the way and not trying to be the favorite. I’m exhausted of secretly helping Anna behind Lyla’s back. My affection for my daughter will never dwindle but I think I must have a talk with Lyla.

(Evelyn is in 4th grade.)

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