Thursday Morning Miracle

I hate waking up feeling that no-milk dread. We’re low on groceries because I had planned to go last night after getting the kids in bed, but I was so tired. And the skies were open with an hours-long downpour. It was much easier to just go to bed.

But this morning as I was getting ready, I heard Calvin come pattering down the stairs, excited to have his favorite meal of the day: cereal. How to tell him we are out of milk?

James explains that we don’t have any milk, but assures Calvin that he will make some now. 

Calvin is silent for a few seconds, staring at his father’s face. Then, firmly: “Daddy. We don’t have any cows. We can’t make milk.”

James then demonstrates how, by mixing half and half and water, he “makes” milk.

Since observing this miracle, Calvin has not stopped talking about how incredible it is that his father can make milk out of practically nothing.

And I’m entertaining myself thinking about the other things that Calvin is going to ask James to make from very little. Chocolate bars from a small chocolate chip. A pint of strawberries from one small strawberry. A loaf of bread from the heel.


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