Sister Snark

We have a game called Cranium Hullabaloo. It includes about 15 pads that you randomly spread out on the floor. A small talking console gives clues for players to move from one pad to another. Then a winner is randomly chosen.

The recorded voice says, “FREEZE! Stay on that PAD! Is someone on the {Blank named tile}? If so, YOU’RE a WINNER! Do a funky dance.”

Today I took the kids to visit historic New Castle, Delaware. We toured a private garden owned by one of my professors, and the kids loved it. They investigated each plant bed, counted the garden decor, and insisted on opening the outhouse-turned-storage shed.

As we were about to leave, Evelyn spotted Calvin veering from the stone path. Imitating the tone of the Hullabaloo game recording, she said, “FREEZE! Stay on the PATH! Is someone on the MULCH? If so, YOU’RE a LOSER.”



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