Meaningful Economics

Evelyn’s 4th grade team competed in Meaningful Economics (link to info about last year’s event, but it gives an overview of the tasks). She was a little nervous heading in, but when I showed up for the part parents could attend, she beamed. Her team won two ribbons (one 4th place and one 3rd place).

When I asked her about the day, she had lots of great stories to tell about how she and her teammates solved problems and communicated to come up with cool projects. Although they didn’t place in the problem solving competition in which each team had to design a service/product to sell from a mobile store (like a food truck, but not food), the business they came up with, La Belle Spa, sounded great to me. Mobile massage and pedicures, anyone? As part of the pitch to the judges, they had to write and choreograph a jingle. I sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

At the end of her report, she added, “Plus it’s a bonus that I got to miss a whole day of school for it!”




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