4 months

In just under four months we will pack ourselves and some clothes up, board a plane, and move to the South Island of New Zealand. It’s something James and I have wanted to do for many years, ever since we visited for just under 3 weeks back in January 2004.

And now it’s actually happening!

The list of things that we need to sort out, organize, plan, and accomplish in the next few months is daunting, but it’s also so exciting that we are finally getting to live this dream. One way or another, it will all get done (sub-letting our house; sorting out business and tax information; storing personal items and our car; buying tickets; saying goodbye to loved ones; sorting out visas; etc.).

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll create a new blog to share travel photos and stories or just keep them housed on this blog. I can tell you that Evelyn (nearly 11), Charlotte (8), and Calvin (4.5) are all excited that they will get to write posts that we’ll share here. So the blog is about to go collaborative! Part of our time in New Zealand we’ll be homeschooling and this blog will be an important part of their writing practice.

Wherever the blog ends up I’ll post information about where to find it here!


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