About Us

Married in 2001. Evelyn arrives spring 2004. Janel graduates one month later. Move to Delaware for James’ PhD program. Beatrice stillborn winter 2006. Charlotte born December 2006. Move across town to our current house December 2009. Calvin born October 2010.

I started this blog in 2008 to keep our family and friends updated about how the kids are doing, as well as to function as an online journal since babybooks have long ago fallen by the wayside. Instead of scribbling down funny or insightful things the children say (or worse–forgetting them!) on paper, I try to post them here.

The tagline of our family blog (“2 academics and 3 kids getting the pull together”) is one such quote.

When Evelyn (now 10) was potty training, she had an accident because she didn’t want to stop playing. I was very firm with her and told her that I was disappointed and that she could have made it if she had chosen to. In response, she earnestly looked up at me with her hands clasped, and said, “Mommy, I will do better, and I will get the pull together, and I will certainly get the job done.”

It has been part of our family lexicon for about 8 years now, and even some friends have taken the phrase “get the pull together” as a real thing in their homes, as well.

Other tidbits that may appear here: my writing (I’m a grad student and author of a book about pregnancy loss) and links to other places I’ve shared my writing.


Leave a comment and say hello, if you’re so inclined! You can also email me at janelatlas@gmail.com or follow me on twitter (@JanelAtlas).



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