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Wise Beyond Her Years

“You only get to skydive once, without a parachute.” -Evelyn, 10 yo

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That’s Life

Char and Cal are playing Life on the living room floor. I’m upstairs and hear Char using a firm-bordering-on-mean voice. “Charlotte, be kind.”
Charlotte: “I am! He just got a FLAT tire right before MARRIAGE.”

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In early June the girls went to camp so I just had Calvin (3.5yo). I took him out for lunch and then to a park he’s been begging to visit (it’s in a sketchy part of town but I was comfortable going in broad daylight).

When we pull into the driveway, Calvin says, “It’s been a long day.”

I say, “I had a really nice time. Thanks for going with me, buddy.”

Calvin responds, “I would have been lost without you. I’m glad we went together.”

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Food Request

Calvin, this morning: “I’m still hungry.”
“We have apples and cereal bar.”
Calvin: “No, my tummy is asking for donuts.”
“You already had a donut.”
Calvin: “My tummy is asking for LOTS OF DONUTS.”

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Movie Night

Finish watching a movie with the kids. Calvin: “I think the people in the movie do different things when we not watchin’!”

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Oh, dear

Calvin, approaching Charlotte with a toy screwdriver: “I will SCREW YOU if you aren’t NICE TO ME!!”

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