Eye of the Beholder

Girls and I talking about beauty and age.
“Do you think I’m pretty?” I ask.
Charlotte, rushing toward me to hug me: “You’re pretty enough for me!” Then, whispering, “…but you need to dye your hair again.”
Evelyn: “I think you’re really pretty for someone your age.”

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Green Pants

Evelyn: “which one of you is going to my open house tonight at school?”
James: “Me. I’m looking forward to meeting your teacher.”
Evelyn, pausing: “Are you going to wear those green pants?”
James and I burst out laughing. Me: “Evelyn, are you embarrassed by your dad’s pants?”
Evelyn, rolling her eyes: “Yes.”
James: “I am going to wear these pants. And maybe I’ll even let [your teacher] know where he can buy a pair himself.”

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Not Adding Up

Charlotte, doing a math worksheet: “Ken has 12 fish. Then he gets 7 more. How many fish has Ken bought? A better question would be why is Ken collecting fish!”

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“Some pictures of solitude are just so beautiful. That’s why I like to draw pictures of people all by themselves.” -Evelyn, drawing with oil pastels

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Brilliance in the Bath Tub

Overheard last night: Char and Cal were in the bath tub.
Calvin: “Look! I can make the soap go *into* my washcloth.”
Char: “It’s not really in your washcloth… it’s breaking into teeny-tiny pieces… Calvin, I’m like Einstein compared to you.”

She’s a Reader

Charlotte: “What was that thing in the movie, when the witch was sticking the doll with pins to control the real person?”
Me: “It’s a voodoo doll.”
Evelyn, interrupting: “No, it’s a simulacrum.”

(she mispronounced it, but still.)

Grievous Weight

Walking home from school, Evelyn describes in great and morose detail why she wants to go on a nature hike soon. Part of her reason is basically that fall is short and sweet and will pass too quickly.
I start laughing. “That all sounds good, but you sound *so* grumpy, Evelyn!”
Evelyn, immediately: “I’m always grumpy when I’m carrying something heavy.”


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