Nature, Indeed

Yesterday Calvin (3.5) made a collage around the concept of “Nature.” He cut out and then glued images from magazines onto a piece of construction paper. 

Among the images were a spider, a tree, some pretty flowers, and a seashell.

The image that stood out to me, though, when I looked at it, was an image of a woman’s torso. Her decolletage, if you will.

I started to laugh, and then showed the paper to him and asked him about it. “What is this, Calvin?”

“I put that on there for you. It’s a Mommy,” he replied.

Definitely saving this one for when he’s older. 

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Speed Reader

5:04 : I get in the car and hand Evelyn the last book of the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events (325+ pages)

5:04-5:10 : Evelyn starts reading it in the car

5:10-5:45 : Family dinner. No reading. 

5:45-6:50 : Evelyn reading on the couch

6:50-7 : Evelyn gets ready for bed

7-7:30 : Evelyn reading in bed

7:35 : Evelyn: “I finished the book.”



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Easter Regrets

After dinner I hear Calvin whimpering in the dining room. I emerge from the kitchen to find him sitting on the floor in the corner of the room, crying into his hands, elbows on his knees.

“Calvin,” I say, “that’s not real crying, is it?”

“Yes it IS,” rages Calvin. “These are REAL TEARS.”

“Oh no!” I respond. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I’m crying because all my Easter Peeps are gone,” he cries. “Next Easter, when the Easter bunny brings me more Peeps, I won’t eat them all! I won’t!”

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Charlotte, explaining why the carrot cake we’re having for dessert is healthy: “The carrots. There are a lot of them. And the breading inside of the cake. But I don’t really think the icing is healthy, except the cream cheese part.”

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The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Evelyn, 1 decade in

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Threatening to Recycle

Calvin ran in to tell me that he had gone on the potty, and asked if he could have a piece of candy.

“No,” I said. “You already had some candy. It’s almost dinner. So no.”

Calvin, stomped his foot. “I want to throw up. Then I can eat those two pieces aGAIN.” 

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It is not that what is past casts its light on what is present, or what is present casts its light on what is past; rather what has been comes together in a flash with the now to form a constellation. –Walter Benjamin

Reflecting on this quote as I write a digital essay about my book for my Digital Writing class. 

It is not that …


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