Love North of Boston

Our summer vacation is underway, and we are so thrilled to have had the chance to stay with my brother Tyler and his wife Natalie (after 400 miles of driving!) for the night. It was so good to hang out in their great apartment, eat good food, and catch up.

Then we drove north to NH to meet Don and Amy’s new son. Photos don’t do him justice–he’s just perfect! The smell, the little noises, the precious hands and toes! The girls fell totally in love with him and were so happy to get to hold him. Calvin was nonplussed after a few minutes and ran off muttering about coming back to play with his cousin when the baby gets old enough to play trains. After a couple hours we tore ourselves away because we had some miles to go before our stopover in Plattsburgh, NY, on Lake Champlain.

Ended the 4th of July with dinner and ice cream in a park in downtown Plattsburgh where the kids rolled down grassy hills with the locals and listened to a country rock band. At the hotel, we hit the pool before calling it a day.

I tuck Calvin in for a nap. “I love you, Calvin!”
Calvin: “I love you too, Mommy.” (beat) “I don’t want to die. You can hold onto me and I won’t die.”

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Charlotte is stalling on folding a load of laundry. When I prompt her to start up again, she sighs: “I have to save my energy for putting all this laundry AWAY.”

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Anthropomorphizing Impulse

Calvin: “Are you sad for the puzzle? I’m taking it apart. Puzzles have a lot of life. All things have feelings, because I make them have feelings.”

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My back is to Calvin as I wash dishes. Calvin: “Mom, how did you get your hair like that?”

Me: “Like this? Well, I washed it, then let it dry. Now it’s like this.”

Cal: “I like it like that. AND I like it in a ponytail… I love your hair, Mommy. It’s beautiful.”

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Evelyn, holding one of her sneakers: “Ew. These smell like sweat. And chlorine. And dirt.”

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